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professional-grade products that are widely applicable
for residential, commercial, and automotive.

Why do you need solar films?
Our solar films provides Heat Rejection up to 80%, UV Rejection up to 99% and variable Visible Light Transmission levels!

Energy Saving

With heat rejection lowering the temperature, less energy is needed by the air-conditioning system to cool the room!

Enhance Privacy

With the different levels of shade provided through window tinting, you'll never be worried about others peering in!

Reduce Glare

Experiencing the glare facing the sun, or the annoying reflection caught onto your tv screens? Our solar film mitigates that by reducing the incoming glare!

Reflect IR Rays

Infrared rays are unavoidable from the sun, but with our solar film it can reduce the incoming rays that are damaging to your skin and eyes.

Official Distributor

RhinePro products are solely imported by Coatconut Pte Ltd. in Singapore, and joint distributed by mc.2

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